Dead Yeast Society

Gene NelsonFrom the President

Gene Nelson

Our meetings start at 5:30 and club business starts at 6:00, this is to give everyone a chance to show up

We are working on ways to help out the new brewers as well as the veterans.  Club members get access to the yeast library, and equipment loans. The best way to contact us and find out what we are up to is the forum.  Check us out there, and come in and say hi.  We are always happy to help. 

I will try and update this page every month with what we are doing, but the forum is the best place to check.  Announcements will be posted there.

This is  your club and with your help it can be better. We are always looking for ideas to help out the club, for people to be involved in planning club events.

See you at the next meeting.

Gene Nelson
President - Dead Yeast Society