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Postby aleguy » Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:02 am

According to Southern Brew News, all the breweries and "fine bars" in Louisiana exist in the Covington/New Orleans areas. And there are no homebrew shops nor beer stores anywhere within the state.
I'm not sure how they determine what the requirements are for any of the various categories, but I think we need to let them know that Louisiana is not the beer wasteland that their map implies.
So far I've got Brewstock and Marcello's as homebrew shops. I think the Tap room may qualify as a "Fine Bar" and Marcello's as a beer store. I know there is a beer store in Lake Charles. And I think Parish qualifies as a brewery, regardless of his teething problems.
Anyone want to weigh-in? Once I collect all the information, I'll forward it to the editor. Maybe some day they'll even show the entire state on their map.
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