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Water Filter

Postby triple-oh_six » Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:41 pm

So, it's time for me to get a filter system. I've been using Gal. jugs from Walmart @ $.62.
I know some of you have fancy RO systems, and I'm not quite ready to spend that kind of $$$ yet.
I'm looking for a something that will dechlorinate my tap water and make it suitable for brewing. I've seen them at online brew ware sites but I'm sure I could find something at Home depot cheaper and w/o s&h charges.
What should I look for, and what will I need as far as connections.
As always I appreciate your input,
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Postby yeastmeister » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:09 am

Ok, this is gonna get a little complicated. It sort of depends on if you are on Lafayette city water, or some other source. We had the chemist from Lafayette city come to one of our events to discuss our water. Basically, Lafayette water is blended from a large number of wells all around the city. Some of those wells have high levels of things that don't go well in beer. Its basically the luck of the draw when it comes to city water. Even though the city tries, the variablility in the water can cause subtle flavor changes in beer.

Thats why we went RO/DI, to get rid of that variablility. I'm making beer for competition however, so I have different goals in mind than most folks.

If your on city water, you water is clean already, just has some stuff you don't want. If your on your own well, or some other system, you may want to consider passing it through a mechanical filter (microfiltration) to remove any suspended sediment.

I'd definitely say use at least an activated carbon filter. They are used to eliminate undesirable odors and tastes, organic compounds and to remove residual chlorine. Most inorganic chemicals, metals, microorganisms and nitrates are not removed by carbon filters.

Generally speaking, some of those inorganic chemicals are the ones that can affect the beer, hence the variablilty I mentioned up top.

The reason for going RO/DI is to basically scrub the water of everything. What you wind up with is as close to pure water as you can get. Thats not good for brewing either, you need to add salts back to the water in order to make good brewing water, but at least you know what you added and in what quantities.

Yep, you can find them at Home Depot/Lowes, and there are a wide variety of ones, all the way from inline for ice makers, to under the counter, to whole house units. You'd probably be fine getting an undercounter cartridge type, they take standard plumning threads, so they are easy to adapt to hose connections. Be aware, that the filters don't last forever, I believe IGOR was changing his out at least twice a year, but I'd definitely change it out at least yearly.
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Postby triple-oh_six » Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:59 pm

I was at the meeting w/ the h2o guy, and I did remember most of his information. I live in Broussard where he said we buy most of our water from Lafayette.
My main concern is that my brews and vinos are not adversely effected by chlorine or other avoidable unwanteds.
Although I would like to have beer capable of winning competitions, for now my budget will take precedence over some of my goals.

So I got one today, a Whirlpool kitchen faucet filtration system
I got the $30.00 model which had the same specs as the $45.00 one

My question is: is this good enough, ie, will i chance ruining whole batches b/c I've used this to filter my h20 rather than buying spring water.
Or will these problems be only subtle enough to cost points in a comp.
I realize that there may not be a black and white answer, I'm just trying to get myself a good home brewery going.

On another note, a friend sold me 2 - 6 gallon carboys for $20.00. Yay, now I have 4 carboys, a true brew bucket, and a 5 gal. Sanke that I'm fermenting in.
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