Brew stand workshops.

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Brew stand workshops.

Postby aleguy » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:58 am

It would be a nice thing if our club could some how sponsor weekly brew stand building workshops. I have seen several of the newer members jump in with both feet and build stands before they really knew what they were doing. A weekly workshop would allow new members to come together and work with each other to design and build stands, with a little guidance from those of us who have been down that road already.
As a club, we have several members who have the tools necessary to construct brew stands. We also have members with good experience in brewing-related design and construction. What we don't seem to have is someone with a large space where we can get together and build brew stands, safely store tools and materials, etc.
Regardless, I urge all members, whether they have a stand built or not, to keep their eyes open for strategic materials (old bed frames and defunct water heaters) as well as potential locations for a weekly workshop.
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Postby Mob_Barley » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:19 am

OK, how about this. Start a thread like "Make a Better Brewstand". On the thread we can get members with stands to post small articles about their design...why they chose to make their stand the way they did, tips they learned, etc.

It would be best to start with which kind of system you want to make with examples of each. For instance, I liked the way the Sabco Brew Magic was plumbed, so that is why I chose to do mine the way I did. Others may like the simplicity, ease of build, and flexibility of the Brutus 10...You can't start the stand until you decide what kind of system suits your brewing style. That being said, that's why it is difficult for a new brewer to pick a system because he doesn't have a brewing style yet. New brewers will have to rely on others for their inspiration.

Then move on to building the stand based on the style you pick, with local examples of the different stands and builds.

Of course, you have to decide what kind of burners you want before you build your stand as well so you can incorporate the mounting for the burners.

Automation, how much do you want? Different options available with examples of these.

And so on. Just post the topic for the next "lesson" and give everyone a little time to write an article if they want to help out.

This would not be the place to "show me your stand"...instead it would be a thread designed to introduce those homebrewers to the different options and design theory out there with concrete examples for them to look at. Then they can ask questions and sit in on some brewing sessions with those that have been brewing on their RIMS systems for a while. Use the private forum to set up brew sessions, ask for physical help, etc to keep the thread focused on "making a better brew stand".

But, this is my opinion only. It would be too difficult logistically to set up meetings weekly but everyone can participate here on the forum.
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Postby triple-oh_six » Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:49 am

Good idea Bobby.

I saw this and didn't have time to reply.
I agree, I doubt anybody has time for a weekly meeting, I sometimes have trouble making our monthly meetings.
I will be back in Laf every night now but that doesn't change too much. We are now looking for a house which will probably eat up a bunch of my time, not to mention that I need to brew again real soon. But that's just me and my opinion. I love the ambition and the idea, and I'd like to help if you can pull it off but I'm just not sure if anyone has that much free time.
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Postby aleguy » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:50 am

The idea was to find a place for those who are interested to build their own brew stands. Of course I stand by my advice on attending as many brew sessions with as many members as possible in order to see how the various systems work in action and also to get some ideas about how they want their own systems to work.
The idea of a weekly workshop was not to imply that anyone need to attend all or even any of the workshops. It was simply to allow newer brewers, or those wishing to build a new stand, access to the materials, tools and design expertise that other club members possess. the materials for building the frames are essentially free. and if all members would keep their eyes open for those materials, I'm sure we would have a large enough supply on hand that three or four stands could be built at any given time.
The way we prototype stands lately, any style of burner can be accommodated within the framework of the basic stand, so the only issue with burner types comes later with the gas piping.
The biggest obstacle I see with this plan is really only finding a large space where we can store the tools, materials and stands-in-progress. For those of you who have seen Budrock's four-car garage, that's the sort of space I'm thinking of, though it would need to be a lot more centrally located, not out in the countryside, so everyone could get there more easily.
Regardless of our lack of a space for a workshop, I still urge everyone to keep their eyes peeled for old bed frames and water heaters, and to pick them up whenever they come across them.
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