New 26 gallon mash tun

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New 26 gallon mash tun

Postby yeastmeister » Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:36 pm

Ok, not new, its my 26 gallon kettle that I use for the 20 gallon batches.

I've always been very interested in Blichmann's button louver false bottom. After seeing it in action at Daves house, I was impressed. He pumped through his mash tun full bore on the pump the entire time, and had no issues with sticking

While I absolutely love a lot of Blichmann stuff like their false bottoms, the therminator, and the thrumometer. I was disappointed in the boilermaker pots. With all the hype on them, and all the features, I was surprised to see that the bottom of the kettles is not clad. Its the same thickness as the side walls of the kettle.

One kettle that I do love is my 26 gallon Megapot from Morebeer. Its built like a tank. It also has a very nice tri-clad bottom for no scorching.

I've been thinking of making the 26 gallon convertable to a mash tun for a while, just because it will make extreme beers easier. One day, I noticed that the Norther Brewer catalog had sizes listed for the Blichmann false bottoms. Interestingly, the 30 gallon Blichmann false bottom fits perfectly in the 26 gallon Megapot. Marcello's is a Blichmann dealer, so a little while later.....

And a little bit of modification (enlarging the opening for the dip tube by 1/4") and here it is.

Here is the kettle setup as a boil pot with my hop stopper in it.

For reference, here is the Sabco (My favorite for keggles) sitting inside for reference.

A typical 10" diameter bottom that goes in a keggle only has 78.5 square inches of surface area. A Sabco bottom is 15" in diameter which gives it 176.71 square inches of surface area. This new bottom in my 26 gallon kettle is 19.25 inches in diameter which gives it an incredible 291 square inches of surface area to drain from. Thats 65 percent more surface area than my Sabco's.
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