Anyone looking to get rid of a old cooler/mash tun?

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Anyone looking to get rid of a old cooler/mash tun?

Postby clept » Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:58 am

I figured it was worth posting here to see if anyone had a 52qt or larger cooler laying around that they were looking to get rid of before going buy a brand new one.

I believe in recycling and the whole craigslist thing so I posted here, PM me if you think you've got what I'm looking for and name your price.

I switched to all grain a while back and decided to use a 36qt Coleman Extreme that I had around the house for a mash tun, but my efficiency is pretty bad anytime I try to brew something over 1.070. Its pretty much impossible to maintain a proper grain/water ratio while batch sparging in a tun that small, plus I'd like to start brewing some 10 gallon batches, so I definitely need to upgrade.
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Postby aleguy » Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:08 pm

I brew 1.070 batches all the time. 10-gallon batches in a 48qt rubbermaid cooler. My efficiency seems to run about 80% with batch sparging. Thick mash, but it still makes great beer.
Picnic coolers are fairly cheap, and it's not worth risking off flavors and such by using an old one. Go see the Yeastmeister. He'll show you what's what if you're not ready to move up to a RIMS yet.
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