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Lallemand Yeast Recall

Postby Mob_Barley » Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:49 am

Don't know if this will affect very many people here, but thought I'd post it anyway.


Lallemand has issued a recall of their Nottingham yeast with lot# 1081140118V,
expiration date January 2011. Internal quality checks of the yeast have shown that a
higher percent of this yeast in 11gram sachets exhibit slow fermentation characteristics.
While this is not affecting the majority of the packages from this batch, Lallemand wants
this yeast removed from the market and replaced.
This yeast was not only available for individual purchase; it was also included in the
following Brewer’s Best® Ingredient Kits:
1006 English Pale Ale
1007 American Amber
1010 Red Ale
1011 American Cream Ale
1013 American Pale Ale
1015 Kölsch
1016 English Brown Ale
1018 American Light
1023 Irish Stout
1026 German Altbier
1031 Robust Porter
1036 Steam Style
1037 India Pale Ale
1044 Belgian Tripel
1049 Holiday Ale
You will need to check your stock of Nottingham as well as these ingredient packages for
this lot number and remove it. All the yeast must be returned to Lallemand. The contact
and return information is below. However, you will also need to get LD Carlson a count
on the yeast needed for replacement in your Brewer’s Best® Kits no later then September
30, 2009. LD Carlson will send replacement yeast for the kits directly to you to
minimize lost kit sales due to this problem. Lallemand will send you replacements for
the individual yeasts.
Please return the yeast by mail to:
Lallemand Inc.
Attn: Marie Coppet
6100 Royalmount
Montreal, QC, Canada
H4P 2R2
To summarize, all yeast will be returned to Lallemand. They will be replacing individual
yeast and LD Carlson will replace the yeast in the Brewer’s Best® Ingredient Kits.
Contact LD Carlson customer service at 800-321-0315 to report the yeast count you need
replaced for kits. If you have questions on sending the yeast back to Lallemand please
email them at
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your help to resolve this issue.
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Postby redtail28 » Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:42 am

thanks just got around to
checking my packs of yeast.
I have two packs from this lot
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