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How to build a brew stand

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:32 am
by aleguy
This post is in hopes of catching one of our new brewers before he makes some major mistakes in having his stand built. Unless it is being built by an actual home brewer with experience in many systems, it is very likely it will have some of the following problems:
Stand too high. (Many people have adapted two-burner stands from Academy and they are not very user-friendly for brewing.)
No automation. (Non-brewers would not likely know to include PID controllers and temperature sensors in a stand design.)
No pilot burners. (These are essential when automating temperature control.)
Burners too small. (not usually a problem with adapted stands, but could be in a custom job. Burners should crank at a minimum 150,000 BTU.)
There are many other refinements in brew stand technology that DYS members have pioneered. I urge anyone considering building a stand to see as many members' systems as possible before doing anything. We are all happy to help you make your stand even better by avoiding the mistakes we have made in our own, and adopting some of the newer refinements that make your brew day go more smoothly.