A warning sort of. Beware what you read....

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A warning sort of. Beware what you read....

Postby yeastmeister » Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:01 pm

Ok, just a friendly warning. Beware of what you read. Not saying its all bad, just try and make sure its not dated. Even brewing books written 10 years ago have some errors, not because of what they said at the time, but because of what we have learned. Think about all the things that have changed in the past 10 years on the brewing front.

High quality yeast really became available to the average homebrewer, and became better understood itself. (white labs didn't exist prior to 1995, and I find almost no references to wyeast prior to 1999, I guarantee it took them years to get where they are today, and there is still room for improvement).

Maltsters have continued to perfect and modify their procedures. Many mash temps that were recommended in the past are no longer necessary.

Things like batch sparging were widely known

Things like residual alkalinity (which I personally believe in), were not understood.

To name just a few.

To this day, I come across current web sites that claim to know how to propagate yeast that apparently have no idea of what sterilization is.

Please people, the only stupid questions are the ones not asked. Check your stuff from multiple sources, if you have a difference of opinion from any of them, ask on the forum. You have an incredible source of brewing knowledge here. We are a very diverse community all with differing backgrounds, I learn something new almost every day.

If you come across any source that tells you to start a siphon by sucking on the hose of the racking cane till you taste wort, back slowly away, and forget anything you have heard/read from that source.

This rant brought to courtesy of several hours today on the internet that made me re-realize how much "bad" information is out there. Forums seem to be the best source of information. Opinions can be expressed and explained on a forum. Static web pages are the worst. PDF and powerpoint presentations are the worst offenders.

Feel free to post some of your worst offenders on the web for bad information as examples for the folks to come.
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