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Trade - Mash Tun for Keg Equipment

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:23 pm
by GuitarLord5000

So, I purchased this Mash Tun several months ago, with the intention of slowly setting up a RIMS system. Here it is, several months later, and I've never even used it! I'm still mashing with my 5 gallon igloo, and find that I am able to make plenty enough for my wife and I, without needing to expand in the foreseeable future.

What I AM in need of, is keg equipment. Bottling has just become too much of a hassle, and I've had about enough of it. I need a 5 lb CO2 tank, regulator, and a couple of corney kegs to get me on my way.

So, I am offering a trade to anyone who needs what I have, and has what I need. If you fit the bill, let me know. I'm offering this to you guys first, before I go to Ebay with it.

If you'd like more pics, let me know. Also, if you're interested but unwilling to seal the deal without first trying the mash tun out, I'd be happy to let you give it a spin to see if it works with your system.


PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:02 pm
by aleguy
Be careful if you put that on ebay. It's definitely not a legal keggle. I'm told by a reasonably reliable source (Trip) AB doesn't ever sell their old kegs, they have them destroyed.
I've never heard of anyone being prosecuted for it, but I wouldn't expose myself that way either. Good luck with your trade, but remember, it only takes a little work to turn that mash tun into a brewpot or HLT.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 3:08 pm
by GuitarLord5000

I was told by the person who made this, that the keg was purchased through legal channels (I supposed a junk yard at the time). I had heard as well, that AB destroyed their old kegs, but this was after purchasing the Tun.

Good point never-the-less. Thanks for the heads up. I'll see if I can turn up a pedigree for the keg.


PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:56 pm
by triple-oh_six
aleguy wrote:I'm told by a reasonably reliable source (Trip) AB doesn't ever sell their old kegs, they have them destroyed.

I'll vouch for that.
I have an uncle that went from sales rep to VP at a Bud distributor and even he could not get me a keg, your friend may think it was legal, but it's not.

With that said my MT & BK are both AB, my HLT is Shiner.
All 3 were given to me and I sked no questions. :twisted:
IMHO, I wouldn't go the ebay route, sorry.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:02 pm
by GuitarLord5000
I appreciate the responses, and point well taken.

I guess, if nobody is up for a trade, I'll make that RIMS after all! It really is a nice mash tun. The only thing I think I'd change, is I'd probably add a smaller screen over the false bottom. The holes in the FB seem a little large to me.

Anyway, thanks again!


PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:40 am
by aleguy
don't go smaller than 40 mesh. The wort won't go through. Stainless screen is available from McMaster Carr, but really pricey.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:31 am
by GuitarLord5000
wow, thanks for the tip!