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DYS Minutes 10/7/2014

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:47 pm
by jimboud
Meeting called to order 6 PM. All officers present (President Nelson, VP Cox, Sect. Boudreaux, Treasurer Roberts).

Meeting began with discussion of Gulf Brew, to be held on 10/18/2014. Bree Sargent from the Acadiana Council for the Arts was present. Those donating beer for the event should bring to Marcellos by Thursday 10/16. A tasting will be conducted on Fri 10/17 by club members. James Lutgring will conduct a Homebrew Demonstration at Gulf Brew.

Topic of Dead Yeast 25th Anniversary was brought up. Jim Cox offered to help plan event. Offer graciously accepted by Jim Boudreaux, DYS Founding Member (member since 3/1990).

The American Homebrewers Association's "Teach a Friend to Homebrew" Day will be held at Marcello's on Sat. 11/5 starting at 10 AM. Marcello's will donate a kit beer to be brewed on the premises. Marcello's will donate one kit, as well as allow to use their grounds/facilities/water.

The beer style of the month was IPA, BJCP Category 14. Jim Boudreaux discussed this style, and mentioned that in the 2015 revised BJCP styles, there will be added a Specialty IPA subcategory for the dark IPAs.
The following beers were sampled by club members:
Tin Roof Juke Joint
NOLA Megahopzilla
Samuel Adams Rebel IPA
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Stone Ruination IPA
Alapologetic IPA
Dr. Hoptagon IPA (a Black IPA) - Parrish Brewing

At this point, it was decided that the after meeting social would be held at the Mellow Mushroom on Johnston St.

Re: DYS Minutes 10/7/2014

PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:06 am
by jimmiec
Thanks for posting the minutes Jim. Just one revision: The Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day is this Saturday, Nov 1.

Re: DYS Minutes 10/7/2014

PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:51 pm
by aleguy
Can't tecall if Jesse, our librarian, was present. I think our Sergeant AtArms was misding, though. Technically, they are both officers. As are all elected members of the Bowrd of Directors. Only non-elected charter members are board members without being elected officers. But then, maybe I read the bylaws wrong.