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2014 Bataille des Bieres

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:42 pm
by jimmiec
The easiest way to enter beers or register to judge is through the registration site - Bataille des Bieres .

2014 Battaille des Bieres

The Dead Yeast Society homebrew club will be hosting the 2014 Bataille des Bieres. This will be our 3rd time hosting the competition and has been a great opportunity for the all homebrew clubs to get together to discuss homebrew, get feedback on our brewing, and get to know each other. The competition is open to all brewers and follows Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) guidelines. Note that the BJCP guidelines have been modified to accept only the listed categories (6, 10, 13, and 14). Mail-in and drop-off entries will be accepted from January 2 through January 24th. The judging will be held on February 1st and February 8th, 2014 with the awards on February 8th, 2014.

Judging and Stewarding
Judging will be held February 1st at Cajun Brewing and and February 8th at the BlueMoon Saloon in Lafayette, LA. Judges and stewards of all levels and experience are welcome. If you are willing to judge or steward, please email The competition is registered with the BJCP so registered judges and stewerds will receive BJCP points.

Cajun Brewing
206 Rayburn Street,
Lafayette, LA 70506

BlueMoon Saloon
215 East Convent Street
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501 U.S.A

2014 Bataille des Bieres competition is open to all non-commercial (home-produced beers) and prefer method of entry is at Bataille des Bieres. Beers produced on the premises of commercial breweries (including Brew-on-Premises) are not eligible. You may enter as many entries as you like, but no more than one entry per subcategory. In order to make this competition a manageable size, we have limited the entries to four of the BJCP categories (6, 10, 13, and 14). Please see the list of medal categories for the complete list of styles being judged at this year's Battaille des Bieres. Follow the following links for details of subcatergories and descriptions.

    Categories for the 2014 Competition:

    Entry Information:
      1. Contestants must submit three (3) samples of each beer that is being entered. The samples should be in plain, unmarked, brown 12 oz. longneck bottles with a plain bottle cap. All commercial and homemade labels must be removed. Printed bottle caps should be blacked out with a permanent marker to ensure anonymity. Each sample should have a Bottle ID Form generated when your entry is registered at Bataille des Bieres (prefered meathod) or a BJCP Bottle ID Form (click to download PDF) attached to the bottle via a rubber band - no tape or glue. Please indicate on the Bottle ID form the category and subcategory the entry should be judged as.

      2. Mail-in and drop off locations:

        Marcello's Wine Market
        C/O The Deadyeast Society
        2800 Johnson St.
        Lafayette, LA 70503

        The Brew Shop
        Ira Sawyer
        817 Willow Avenue
        Sulphur, LA 70663

        The Brew Shop
        Ira Sawyer
        2410 Calder Avenue
        Beaumont, TX 77702

        LA Homebrew
        7987 Pecue Lane, Suite 8-H
        Baton Rouge, LA 70809

      3. There is a $5 entry fee for each beer submission. You register your entries online at Bataille des Bieres. Checks (make payable to Dead Yeast Society) or proof of payment from PayPal should be attached to one of your entries and ideally enclosed within a plastic bag, in case any entries are broken during shipping. Total your entry fees and make the check for that amount. Please no cash.

Absolutely no entries will be accepted after January 24th, 2014. Any entry not meeting the above requirements will be disqualified. Disqualified entries may still be judged, but they will not be eligible for any awards.

The awards will be announced and handed out (if present) on February 8th, 2014. Locaction BlueMoon Saloon (address below). We will be doing a raffle again this year.

    February 8, 2014 - 4pm to close
    BlueMoon Saloon
    215 East Convent Street
    Lafayette, Louisiana 70501 U.S.A

1st, 2nd, & 3rd place awards will be issued for each main category (Categories 6, 10, 13, and 14).

Packing and Shipping hints:

Carefully pack your entries in a sturdy box. Line the inside of your carton with a plastic trash bag. Partition and pack each bottle with adequate packaging material. Do not over pack! Write clearly: "Fragile. This Side Up." on the package. Your package should weigh less than 25 pounds. Please refrain from using messy packaging materials such as styrofoam peanuts or pellets; the preferred packaging material is bubble wrap.

Place entry forms and payment in a sealed zip-top bag. Additionally, enclose each of your bottle labels in a small zip-top bag before attaching to their respective bottles. This way it makes it possible for the organizer to identify specifically which beer has broken if there is damage during shipment.

Every reasonable effort will be made to contact entrants whose bottles have broken to make arrangements for sending replacement bottles.
It is not against any Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) regulations or federal laws to ship your entries via privately owned shipping company for analytical purposes. However, IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHIP ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES VIA THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE. Private shipping companies have the right to refuse your shipment if they are informed that the package contains glass and/or alcoholic beverages. It is solely the entrant's responsibility to follow all applicable laws and regulations.

Boudreaux, Jim - Head Judge -
Cox, James - Competition Coordinator -
Granger, Sarah - Donation Coordinator -
Richard, Chris - Event Coordinator -

Re: 2014 Bataille des Bieres (Work in Progress)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:52 am
by tattoo-mama
Bataille Des Bieres Is officially being held @ BlueMoon Saloon on February 8th @ 4pm till they shut down. We will have live music, homebrew samples, raffle, and award for those who have entered winning beer in our competition! So lets start brewing guys! Cant wait to see everyone out there! And by the way I have gotten some great donations for you all!


Re: 2014 Bataille des Bieres

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:56 am
by jimboud
Can you change the message to indicate that this not just a Louisiana-only contest? I've gotten some questions about this. The only limitation is the style of beers which can be entered: BJCP Categories 6 (Light Hybrid Beer), 10 (American Ale), 13 (Stout) and 14 (India Pale Ale).

Thanks! :)

Re: 2014 Bataille des Bieres

PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:37 pm
by jimmiec
2014 Bataille des Bieres Results
Feb 8, 2014
Hosted by Dead Yeast Society

51 Entries

Best of Show – Beer
Place Brewer(s) - Entry Name - Style - Club
1st Jim Cox - USS Kolsch - 6C: Kolsch - Dead Yeast Society
2nd Hank Keller - Brownie - 10C: American Brown Ale - Foam Rangers
3rd Christopher Richard / Co-Brewer: Jesse Livingston - Saint Street Lawnmower - 6B: Blonde Ale - DYS

Category 6: Light Hybrid Beer (7 entries)
Place Brewer(s) - Entry Name - Style - Club
1st Jim Cox USS Kolsch 6C: Kolsch Dead Yeast Society
2nd Christopher Richard / Co-Brewer: Jesse Livingston - Saint Street Lawnmower - 6B: Blonde Ale - DYS
3rd Ugly Duckling - Blonde - 6B: Blonde Ale - Dead Yeast Society

Category 10: American Ale (17 entries)
Place Brewer(s) - Entry Name - Style - Club
1st Hank Keller - Brownie - 10C: American Brown Ale - Foam Rangers
2nd Dan Rademacher - Amber #1 - 10B: American Amber Ale - N/A
3rd Keith Primeaux - Amber Lamps - 10B: American Amber Ale - Redstick Brewmasters

Category 13: Stout (19 entries)
Place Brewer(s) - Entry Name - Style - Club
1st Jim Cox / Co-Brewer: Steve Seymour - Black-Hearted Stout - 13F: Imperial Stout - Dead Yeast Society
2nd Taylor Pellerin / Co-Brewer: Samantha Hawkins - Guilty Pleasure - 13B: Sweet Stout - Brasseurs a la Maison
3rd Gary Bruns - American Liberty - 13E: American Stout - Malt Munching Mash Monsters

Category 14: India Pale Ale (IPA) (8 entries)
Place Brewer(s) - Entry Name - Style - Club
1st Jim Cox - Copious IPA - 14B: American IPA - Dead Yeast Society
2nd Warren Smith - Winey The Lender - 14C: Imperial IPA - N/A
3rd Christopher Malone - Smooth Operator - 14B: American IPA - N/A

The following is the club points with 3-2-1 points awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd-place medals, respectively (based on Lone Star Circuit).

Dead Yeast Society - 12
Foam Rangers - 3
Brasseurs a la Maison - 2
Redstick Brewmasters - 1
Malt Munching Mash Monsters - 1