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Club Library 2012

Postby sdspespo1 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:18 pm

The club library is off and running with several generous donations from members. I am currently soliciting donations of brewing and beer related books as well as back-issues of Zymurgy, Brew Your Own, and Brewing Techniques, and any plans or other brewing-related materials in any medium.
Book loans are generally for the period of from one club meeting until the next. A book may be renewed twice or until another member expresses interest in borrowing it.
We currently have available for loan:

Style books:
Altbier, Dornbusch; 1998
Barley Wine, Allen & Cantwell, 1998
Bavarian Helles, Dornbusch; 2000 (2 copies)
Belgian Ale, Rajotte; 1992
Bock, Richman; 1994
Brown Ale, Daniels & Parker; 1998
Mild Ale, Sutula; 1999
Pale Ale, Foster; 1999 (2 copies)
Scotch Ale, Noonan; 1993
Continental Pilsener, Miller; 1990
Kolsch, Warner; 1998
Porter, Foster; 1992 (2 copies)
New Brewing Lager Beer, Noonan; 1996
Smoked Beers, Daniels & Larson; 2000
Stout, Lewis; 1995
German Wheat Beer, Warner; 1992 (2 copies)
Vienna-Marzen-Oktoberfest, Fix; 1991

Recipe books:
Extreme Brewing, Calagione; 2008
North American Clone Brews (missing)
Clonebrews, Russell; 2000
CloneBrews 2nd Edition, Szamatulski,Tess and Mark
Brewing Classic Styles, Zainasheff & Palmer

Other books:
Brew Ware, Lutzen & Stevens 1996
The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 3rd ed, Papazian (2 copies)
The Compleat Meadmaker, Schramm; 2003
First Steps in Yeast Culture, part one, Rajotte ;2000 (courtesy DYS)
How to Brew, Palmer; 2006
Homebrewing for Dummies (missing)
Designing Great Beers, Daniels; 2000 (2 copies)
Radical Brewing, Mosher; 2004
Wildbrews, Sparrow; 2005
Homebrewing Guide, Miller; 1995
Bizarre Brews 101, Hanna; 2011
Cellarmnship 5th Edition, Patrick O'Neill 2010
Brewing with Wheat, Stan Hieronymus 2010
Brew like a Monk, Stan Hieronymis 2005
Farmhouse Ales, Phil Markowski 2004

Basic Brewing: Stepping into All Grain (courtesy Mob Barley)
The American Brew (courtesy Mob Barley)
The Beer Hunter (courtesy Bayoubrew)
Beer Nutz (courtesy Jimmiec)
Midwest Brew(courtesy Jimmiec)

Beer Making: a compendium of old brewing texts (courtesy Mob Barley)

There are several old issues of BYO donated by Redtail. I have not yet completed work on them, but they will be available by request until I have finished fumigating them for mildew, removing mailing labels, etc.
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